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We are testing this site. PLease enjoy browsing and let know ur suggestion.At present it looks good compared to old one.

Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day!!!

I have just browsed the site. Seen lot of change it. We are looking forward to have more pravachanams added time to time. wishesRajesh

<p>JAISRIMANNARAYANA!</p><p>Congratulations for your 7th anniversary. Thanks for all your efforts, this website has enlightened&nbsp;my life in many ways.</p>

<p>happy 7 th anniversary . Hope it continues to serve people .</p><p>Hats off Satheesh uncle !&nbsp;</p><p>Jai Srimannarayana!&nbsp;</p><p><br /></p>

<span style=font-size: large;>Jai srimannarayana!! Pravachanam. Com is a online directory for a lot spiritual knowledge. Thank you so much for everyone who involved in this great &nbsp;Kainkaryam. I wish you a very happy 7 th anniversary and I wish this must continue for ever and ever for sharing divine knowledge..&nbsp;</span>

<p>Dear All,I like to new Pravachanam website. The content is very well catogorised ,but the front page design is not very attractive. I hope the moderators will change the look of it and make it more attractive.<br /></p>

<p>Extraordinary site for spirituality. Personally I am more attached to this as I listen to it everyday. I wish to celebrate many more happy anniversaries and may god bless the team.</p><p>Thanks,<br />Srinivas</p>

<p>Dear Prashanth,</p><p>Thanks for visiting beta site. Could you please tell me some suggestions with reference to the comment. We concentrated less on the looks and more on the content. We request you to suggest.&nbsp;</p><p>Regards</p><p>Pravachanam Tean</p>

<p>Recently while searching for some text and audio files on Upanishads I got this site address. From that day I am browsing this site everyday and trying to extract the maximum benefit (fruits) from this great work. &nbsp;As per our Upanishads Satyam (Truth) will never get changed. &nbsp;The same way this is one and only the web site I come across with these huge volume of collection on great discourses of great disciples.</p><p>Thank you Very much.</p>

Thanks for your sincere and dedicated efforts to bring the invaluable resources to a single place.

Really awesome outlook... I&nbsp;appreciate your work. Thank you very much.&nbsp;

Hi, i am a regular visitor to this page and this has made a lot of difference to my life. Thank you.

Ayiram Kodi Namaskarams to your great effort in this website to bring all our vedic heritage and dharmas by means of audio files and pravachanas. I started listening to these pravachanas recently and this is a great wealth and Wish the Supreme Lord to bless you all to continue this Service to him !!!

<p>Great Collection and I found a new way to spend time in leisure by listening pravachanas from this site.</p>

<p>This Service to the Society is the Ultimate Service.</p><p>Lord Krishna will give more energy to Serve Better.</p><p>All the Best for your Efforts, I am much Happy to See this Site, Hear Lectures.... Wonderful....&nbsp; May God Bless You....</p><br />

Site lo info chaalaa bagundi. Very knowledge gaining info. All the best for your seva. Can u please upload lalithasahasranaama pravachanam by Sri Samavedam ShanmukhaSharma Gaaru. Thank you&nbsp;

<p>Hi Sir,</p><p>New look is very good. player is good implementation. earlier we used to open media player. <br /></p><p>Thanks a lot for maintaining this.</p><p>Venkat</p>

<p>OM SREE SAI RAM</p><p>Thank U admins for maintaining such a good devotional site with all good pravachanams! Thank U once again!</p><p>Plz develop an Android App for all Android mobiles with direct listen and direct download!</p><p>Me and many of my frndz are using Android based devices!</p><p>This will be very useful and very helpful for downloading content from such a gr8 site! <br /></p><p>Plz ignore my mistakes if any!</p><p>Thank U! :)<br /></p>

<p>Hi Team,</p><p>Applauds for the work done... New look is very good.. Also more details in the website, the links are very helpful... really appreciable.</p>

<p><span style=color: rgb(0, 0, 255);>new design of the website is super... :-)</span></p><span style=font-family: Times New Roman,Times,serif; font-size: x-large; color: rgb(102, 0, 51);>ఇంత మంచి వెబ్ సైట్ నిర్వహిస్తునందుకు చాల ధన్యవాదాలు </span><br />

<span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;>new design of the website is super... :-)<br />ఇంత మంచి వెబ్ సైట్ నిర్వహిస్తునందుకు చాల ధన్యవాదాలు </span>

great service to god&nbsp;realization&nbsp;and divinity. your contributions are guide lines to&nbsp;righteous&nbsp;path.

<p>Hi Sir,</p><p>I downloaded Ramayanam of sri changantiji from your site. I listened it completely. It changed my life so much. Thank you very much for hosting this site.&nbsp;</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Venkat<br /></p>

<p>Thanks for giving a new look to the website. We are unable to download Dr. Garikapatis Bhakta Prahlada and Gajendra moksham. Can you please facilitate the downloads for us.</p><p>Thanks, Manoj</p><p>Reply From Pravachanam Team:</p><p>Because of the legal rights, Shri Garikapati garu allowed us to put his valuable discourses on the web with the permission to PLAY not to DOWNLOAD. <br /></p><p>We regret for the inconvenience.&nbsp;</p><p>If you have any questions please send mail to<br /></p><p>Regards</p><p>sateesh<br /></p><p><br /></p>

<p>Wonderful effort! May the Divine bless and shower you with unhindered prosperity! <br /></p><p>BTW, now copyrights. This knowledge is divine. Even if by hook or crook one gets to It, both the sought and seeker would be blessed. And in that context if one wishes to download, wish there are no obstructions from the speaker. If speaker has reservations, it only means two things. The speaker never really understood what he is speaking, is more like high-fidelity mechanical record. Secondly, his speeches, however great dont deserve space here! For one to be a Teacher, he has to be both shrotriya as well as brahmanishta. Being former alone is useless to himself and others!<br /></p>

New site is problem is that we <span style=font-weight: bold;>dont have resume capability as in older site</span> if network is disconnected in middle of download,we have to re-download from of all is good<br /><br />

<div><span>ఇంత మంచి ప్రవచనాలు ఒక్క చోట చేర్చి మీరు <span id=6_TRN_m>చాలా మంచి పని చేస్తున్నందుకు మనస్పూర్తిగా అభినందనలు.</span></span></div>

<p>Hi Team... I am not able to download the pravachanams...The site will go offline if i click on the download option...</p><p><br /></p>

i love these upanyasams...they r gr8 and thnk u very much 4 doing this..and pls do upload more of sri sunder kumarjis upanyasams.....<br />

<div style=font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: 16px; >To the person/team who got this idea to collect and keep all these great treasures online..</div><div style=font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: 16px; ><br /></div><div style=font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: 16px; >You guys are doing fantastic job by opening a website like this and making more and more people aware of values of life.</div><div style=font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: 16px; >This is really useful job.</div><div style=font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: 16px; ><br /></div><div style=font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: 16px; >Here is one topic Im looking for a pravachanam in Telugu</div><div style=font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: 16px; >&nbsp;Introduction to Hindu culture / Haindava samskruthi parichayam - All the puranams we have, What are upanishads, importance of Hundu way of living and upbringing children, what slokams to learn for children etc.&nbsp;This is just my idea.&nbsp;</div><div style=font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: 16px; >&nbsp;</div><div style=font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: 16px; >Thanks again,</div><div style=font-family: times new roman, new york, times, serif; font-size: 16px; >Sudheer</div><div><br /></div>

Yes, thats wonderful idea. Infact sri paripoornanda saraswathi garu already takenup this project. He is releasing it soon. Then we are gong to audio of them positively.<br /><br />We could not have discourse for all 18 puranas. As we get them we are going to add in. As of now, I am sure we have at least 6 of them. Keep adding. <br /><br />Thanks for your suggestions. <br /><p>We are glad that we could help you.</p><p>Regards</p><p>Pravachanam Team<br /></p>

<p>Salutations,</p><p>Can you please add a Facebook Link ? This site deserves more coverage than it gets currently. No other site has as much offering of our cultural wealth as your site. It is priceless. Many Many Thanks.</p><p>Sincere Regards,<br /></p>

I dont know how to express my happiness. You dont know what kind of service the Pravachanam team are doing. &nbsp;All the devotees would be very pleased &nbsp;with your service. You are just not hosting the pravachanam, but giving knowledge and information about the truth, which is very much needed to the society in large. Thanks to all the Speakers who by their great virtue and knowledge spreading a whole new world of devotion. Great Great Great site. I wish everybody knows about this site and gain important knowledge. THANK YOU PRAVACHANAM TEAM ONCE AGAIN.


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