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Dear Bandhu,

We would like invite you to this great satsang we are doing every day(Monday Thru Friday) on telebridge since 2012!!

Samkshepa Ramayanam Chanting (SRC). Samkshepa Ramayanam is the first Sarga of Balakanda in Valmki Ramayanam. It is complete ramayanam explained by Narada to Valmiki in 100 slokas. Later valmiki wrote remaining 23900 slokas.

Started with two people together over the phone on Jan 2nd has reached to 10+. It could not have happened without Grace of Lord Rama. We do see some of them missing because of their preoccupied engagements. But I wish and request everyone to participate in chanting as and when possible.

By grace of Lord of Rama, we are doing everyday(M-F) without single day interruption till today. We wish everybody to have strength, motivation and commitment to do everyday.

Here are few steps we follow:

  1. Starts at 6.30 pm CST / 7.30 pm EST / 4.30 pm PST sharp.
  2. We read from Sripathi Stuimala starting from page no. 187. The prarthana shlokas upto "tapaswaadhaya" will be read together. To have clarity of chanting, we keep one phone line unmuted so that others can hear while the chanting is going on. While doing prarthana slokas, devotees can join continue recite along with others.

    Those who do not have Sripathi Stuti Mala book, can find it in the pdf link at end of the page.

  3. After the prarthana when all lines are open, everyone will inform their presence by saying " Ramachary Jai Srimannarayan.. Radha Jai Srimannarayan". We make tentative order of people to recite.

  4. From the Samkshepa Ramayanam slokas .. we take turns. A reads 1, B reads 2nd, C reads 3rd and then A reads 4th so on..
    We read "Dashavarsha Sahasrani " sloka two times.

  5. We say "Balam vishno Pravadhatam" three times when we read the first sloka of Ramayana Samapana Slokas.

  6. At the end of parayanam, Sri Kandalai Swamiji will take lead to explain one sloka in sequence everyday. The idea of explanation is to understand the meaning as we continue doing parayanam.

Then Disperse. It takes only 60 minutes all together.

» Conference Number: 319-527-3169


Hope to have this continue as long as we can.

May the Lord Rama shower his blessing on to you all and allow you to take this small sankalpa to do it everyday as far as possible.

SAMPLE Talks for you LISTEN enjoy and to know

how much we can Learn everyday By attending!

Complete pravachanam on Srirama Managashasanam Shlokas


  1. Chanting

    Telugu (PDF)
    | Englsih (PDF) | Hindi (PDF) | Tamil (PDF) | Kannada (PDF)

  2. Word to Word Meaning of All Shlokas in Samkshepa Ramayanam

         SRC_meaning (PDF)

Audio Links:

  1. Samkshepa Ramayanam (Audio by S Janakamma garu)

  2. Five(5) Versions of Samkshepa Rmayanam Chantings to listen in house continuously. (.rar)

    please download and burn them on CD and have it played in the house. The vibrations makes difference.

    Samkshepa Ramayana Slokas )

If you have any Questions please contact us at