Complete "Vachana Ramayanam" Sarga by Sarga  written by VR_image

Smt. Srimattirumala P V Seetamma garu 

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Plava ta:rakam - the boat to cross over the pandemic

Dear Bandhu,

We would like invite you to this great satsang we are doing every day on telebridge.

Plava ta:rakam - the boat to cross over the pandemic.

Please join in.

We are planning to do Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam chanting (Round robin style) in place of Samkshepa Ramayanam every day evening at 7.00 PM CST 5.30 AM IST followed by hare Rama chanting. 

Date & Time:

From May 14, 2021 -7:00 PM-8:00 PM CST

From May 15, 2021 -5:30 AM-6:30 AM IST

It will continue everyday till 24th July, 2021

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Hope to have this continue as long as we can.

May the Lord Rama shower his blessing on to you all and allow you to take this small sankalpa to do it everyday as far as possible.


We chant the following stotras in this order:

       1. Vishnu Sahasra Naamam chanting

           Telugu(PDF) | English(PDF)

       2. Sudarshanaastakam chanting

           Telugu(PDF) | English(PDF)      

Additional Resources:

  • Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam chanting by H.H Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

  • To listen Sudarshanaastakam chanting

          Sudarshanaastakam (Audio)

If you have any Questions please contact us at