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<p>Jai SriKrishna!</p><p>First of all, May Lord Sri Hari bless you all with every help you need to step up your spirutual life.&nbsp;</p><p>I have been listening thiruppavai 30 days pravachanam by Sri Kari Thiruvengalamma garu from the first day of this 2014 Dhanurmasam. Sri amma narrates each pasuram as if she is there with Sri Godha amma when she doing this varatham and her examples make you also experience what she is saying - kallaku kattinatlu ga chupinchadam. It is like your friend or mother telling you what had happened yesterday at her place. Very divine experience.</p><p>Jai Sri Krishna!</p>

<p>I am listening to swami Tatva vidanada saraswathis bhagavadgtga &nbsp;prvachanam. with shankara bhashyam.He reveals &nbsp;higher dimensions of Gita in simple yet profound way. I request &nbsp;the organisers to upload other chapters &nbsp;also.</p>

<p>Dear team,</p><p>Thank you very much for the wonderful collections, especially Velukkudi Swamy collections are really awesome.</p><p>this is great seva you are doing , pray almighty to give you all good health and more enrergy to keep this service continued.</p><p>wishing you good luck</p><p>warm regards</p><p>ramesh</p>

<p>First of all thank you for the service. I am searching around for Narayana Upanishad. Please provide the link if available.</p><p>Thanks again!!</p><p><br /></p>

Thanks a lot for sharing excellent Pravachanams by Paripoornananda swami garu and Chaganti koteswara rao garu.

i am started to listen &nbsp;sri chagantigari pravachanas from 2011, before this period i am diffrent person. after statred listioning my thinking is change. from my childhood parents also thinking about me how to live in society. &nbsp;i am not much good habits,after this period change my habits. now i feel god with me and chant sri rama again &amp; again if i am lonely.

<p>Hi,</p><p>Please let me know the alternative to donate money instead of donating through credit or debit card&nbsp;</p>


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