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Ayiram Kodi Namaskarams to your great effort in this website to bring all our vedic heritage and dharmas by means of audio files and pravachanas. I started listening to these pravachanas recently and this is a great wealth and Wish the Supreme Lord to bless you all to continue this Service to him !!!

Really awesome outlook... I appreciate your work. Thank you very much. 

Hi, i am a regular visitor to this page and this has made a lot of difference to my life. Thank you.

Thanks for your sincere and dedicated efforts to bring the invaluable resources to a single place.

<p>Recently while searching for some text and audio files on Upanishads I got this site address. From that day I am browsing this site everyday and trying to extract the maximum benefit (fruits) from this great work. &nbsp;As per our Upanishads Satyam (Truth) will never get changed. &nbsp;The same way this is one and only the web site I come across with these huge volume of collection on great discourses of great disciples.</p><p>Thank you Very much.</p>

<p>Dear All,I like to new Pravachanam website. The content is very well catogorised ,but the front page design is not very attractive. I hope the moderators will change the look of it and make it more attractive.<br /></p>

<p>Extraordinary site for spirituality. Personally I am more attached to this as I listen to it everyday. I wish to celebrate many more happy anniversaries and may god bless the team.</p><p>Thanks,<br />Srinivas</p>

<p>Dear Prashanth,</p><p>Thanks for visiting beta site. Could you please tell me some suggestions with reference to the comment. We concentrated less on the looks and more on the content. We request you to suggest.&nbsp;</p><p>Regards</p><p>Pravachanam Tean</p>


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