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<p>Sri Chaganti Koteswara Rao gariki SHATHA.....SHATHA VIDHA... SHATHA KOTI NAMASKARAMULU.&nbsp;</p><p>Mee Pravachanaalu &nbsp;Amrutha Gulikalu,&nbsp;Mahaa Anandadayakamu, Mahaa Bhagavathothamula Sath Saangathyamunaku maargamu,&nbsp;Bhagavanthuni ni cherutaku Nichena,&nbsp;Anantha Gnana Pravahamu,&nbsp;Kaivalya pradambu.</p><p>Dhanyavadamulu.....Sukumar</p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p>

<p>This is the best site I have ever browsed and a site where lot of information (speeches and mantras) in different languages are stored. I really appreciate the team which maintains the site.Thank you once again.&nbsp;</p><p><br /></p>

<p>I hit this at the end of my stay in US. Probably the answer to my search. the&nbsp;organizers&nbsp;deserve very salutation from the seeker.</p><p>Grateful&nbsp;acknowledgments&nbsp;from the deepest of heart</p>

<p>Hearful Thankyou to the Prabhujis,who have put Heart and Soul inorder to Give us the Nectare of Commentaries.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Thankyou Devoloper,Suppourters..and Maintainers of this Site.</p><p align=center>Jai Shrimann Narayana!!</p>

<span>Radhe Krishna,<br /><br />Pranams and I fail to get right words to praise your site. I never knew about your site until I heard from one of my friends mentioned about it yesterday. The collection of lectures are really rich and the audio quality is outstanding. <br /><br />Let me pray Lord Almighty to give abundant grace for maintaining this site and remain<br /><br />Kind regards<br /><br />Ram<br /></span>

<p>Sir,</p><p>Firstly, I appreciate the good effort done by you.</p><p>Secondly, I downloaded certain files, but I could not download the completed mp3 file, only half of the file is downloaded. &nbsp;This happened to half of the files of some discourses viz., Bhagavadgita of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. &nbsp;The files downloaded are of vlc extension. Kindly help in downloading full files.</p><p>Regards,</p><p>Madan</p>

May God and all Acharyas shower lot of grace to Sateesh and Team for wonderful commitment and efforts to put together and maintain this site in this great manner. Now, with the revised site it is a pleasant surprise to be able to listen to the pravachanams directly without even downloading it. Lot of effort in collection of this in the first place and then continuous commitment in keeping them available to community.<br />Ramanuja Dasudu<br />Srinivas Daroori<br />

<p> team thanks a lot for every effort that you are doing and helping ignorant like me to know about our SANATHANA DHARMA..can you please add the download links to garikapati narasimha rao disclosures .</p><p>Thanks for all your efforts</p><p>Rohith<br /></p>


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