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<p>Dear Admin</p><p>I am unable to search Swami Paramarthananda in speakers list or in Upanishads category for Brahma sutras extensive discourse topic. but in search I am able to get it.&nbsp;&nbsp; Can you please check in incorporate appropriate links for easy access?</p><p>2.&nbsp; in the same place, I saw a comment that vol 5 is missing.&nbsp; but the first in the list is without volume number and that is volume 5. so you may please rename the link to read as vol 5.</p><p>Anantha Krishna</p><p>Hyderabad<br /></p>

Pl reintroduce the speeches of Swamis Sampoornananda and Prem Siddhartha

<p>Andariki namaskaramu,</p><p>Complete Bhagavad gita vinali ani anukuntuna.. Best and complete bhagavad gita pravachanallu echina speaker Peru plz dhayachesi meru chepalagara... Becoz I am the follower of Sri chaganthi kotheswar rao garu... I guess chaganthi garu bhagavad gita paina complete pravachanallu evaledhu ani anukuntuna...</p>

<p>i am also follower of sri chaganti koteswararao garu if some one starts listening his pravachanas it is very dificult to listen the pravachanas of others &nbsp;but i will try to suggest other great person with great voice he is Chinna jeeyar swamy&nbsp;</p>

<p>namaskaram, please listen to chinna jeey at swamy vari bhagavath Gita pravachanams, he has given a lot of pravachanams on Gita in both &nbsp;English and Telugu.</p><p>Thank you</p><p><br /></p>

<p>I am an ardent admirer of your pravachanam on bharatam. My dinner starts only after listening your pravachanams .Pl quote few poems from Raghavapandaveeyam It is unique and not found in any other language as far as i know.</p><p>regards,</p><p>tsr rao mysore<br /></p>

<h2><span style=font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;>Hi . Pasupu kommu tho marriage ..i mean one boy took yellow thread pasupu kommu and he ties a girl neck means. Adhe marriage r not. Using manalyam mantram only.. plz send us information.</span></h2>


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