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<p>Dear Admin,</p><p>Thank you for uploading the commentaries.</p><p>Its a great work of compilation and given free. I request you to also add some devotional songs.</p>

I congratulate you for the kind of service that is rare and unique without mix of commercial intent. May God bless all those involved.

<p>Asmad Gurubhyo: Namaha:&nbsp;</p><p>Dear Bhagavathas: &nbsp;I would be greatful if some one could clarify my doubt. &nbsp;Why is Narasimha Avataram is categorized as Paripoorna Avatharama &nbsp;like Rama or Krishna avatharam ?&nbsp;</p>

I came across this website quite accidentally, when searching for a particular gurus upanyasam, and was delighted at my find! What a wonderful treasure of Upanyasams and shloka recitations by many great Masters, of yesteryears and today. I am absolutely thrilled to find this, and immensely grateful to those who have spent enormous time putting this all together. Thank You for this gift!<br />

Namaste <br /><p>Could you please upload guru Prema Pandurangs discourse on the Bhagavad Gita in English.&nbsp; I have listened to her other lectures and have been mesmerized. Please help. Your wonderful site is doing a great job spreading Hindu philosophy.</p><p>Jai ram Jai Krishna <br /></p><p>Saraswathi <br /></p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p>

<p>Dear&nbsp;sir,please&nbsp;send&nbsp;your&nbsp;address&nbsp;to&nbsp;my&nbsp;email,so I&nbsp;can&nbsp;send&nbsp;money&nbsp;order&nbsp;or&nbsp;cheque&nbsp;also&nbsp;give&nbsp;detail&nbsp;as&nbsp;in&nbsp;what&nbsp;name&nbsp;to&nbsp;send&nbsp;thank&nbsp;you</p><p><br /></p>

<p>Hi, i am devotee of lakshminrusimha and searching for pravachanams on lakshminarasimha. <br /></p><p>Can anyone help me in finding pravachanamlu on lakshminarasimha swamy. <br /></p><p>Thanking you.&nbsp; </p>


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