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Your site is jewel among the bhakti sites.&nbsp; Soul satisfying discourses with the rarity of clarity.&nbsp; When I hear Rudram by Krishna Premi I felt I was just sitting before him prostrating.&nbsp; I wish my Mother alive to hear this wonderful pravachans of this site.&nbsp; I bow with reverence to your team for the soul satisfying effort.&nbsp; God bless you all.<br />

<p>Hi,</p><p>First of all thank you for maintaining and collating this valuable information.&nbsp;</p><p>Its noticed that some of the lectures could be downloadable and some lectures are not.</p><p>Can you please let me know, if like to download those lectures, which are not downloadable, what I require to do. Am willing to donate some money, if it requires to do so as well.</p><p>One more time I like to thank you for this invaluable service that youre doing to the society.</p><p>Sincerely,</p><p>Murali</p><p><br /></p>

<p>Thanks to for arranging a pravachanam on Karthika Puranam.</p><p><br /></p><p>Pravachanam by Sri Mylavarapu Srinivasa Rao gaaru is very good and <br /></p><p>more informative to do the Karthika Maasa&nbsp; Vratha.</p><p>My request&nbsp; to the; to arrange similar kind of pravachanas on Maagha&nbsp; &amp; Vaishaka Puranas from Sri Mylavarapu Srinivasa Rao gaaru.</p><p><br /></p>

<p>this websites work is magnificent and it rendering devotional service to people&nbsp;</p><p>I want to get &nbsp;bagavadgita pravachanam discourse delivered by sri paripoornananda saraswati.....thanks in advance</p>

<span style=font-size: medium; >I heard these pravachanams and noticed that the recording is very poor. I wonder how it could happen when TTD took up the sponsoring responsibility with such such poor presentation. Can you replace it with a better recorded with clarity and quality?</span>

<h1>Harikatha by Dhoolipala Sivaramakrishna at Varanasi on 19.11.11 at Sree Ramataraka Andhrashramam is very much attracted by telugu kasivasulu and kasi yatris,organised by Telugu Kasi organisation.</h1><div>Many have enjoyed the Harikatha,May Lord Kasi Viswanadh and Matha Annapoorna shower their blessings him and his team and family.</div><div><br /></div>

<p>Hi Pravachanam team and honourable founder,</p><p>You have done a great job. I am very much fond of Guruji Chaganti Koteswara Rao gari discourses. Listening Gurujis pravachanams on any topic makes us feel very much spiritual satisfaction. I would like to express my sincere thanks and wishes to the team and effort they made and thought behind it. I could see these pravachanams on various personal blogs, but now theyre all available thru this site (in one place!!!).&nbsp; I can also noticed that this site is not run on commercial basis and there is a good attempt and thought behind that. Hope this site continues like this and wish grow up like any thing with all blessings of devotees and God.<br /></p><p>Thanks again,</p><p>Srinivasu Neti.<br /></p><p><br /></p>

thanks a lot it is a real difficult thing which is a rare collection of great thing s thank you very very much if any site for devotional books also available means its very glad like this site. once again thank you. when i see the site first time i surprised a lot and i am congratulate these devine people for their hard work for these site thank u&nbsp; &amp; all the best. <br />


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